Bizi Marketplace is a mobile application for college students to buy and sell among themselves safely and inexpensively. Bizi also wants to expose students to their community by connecting them to the local businesses about anything from student discounts to job opportunities. The lack of knowledge among college students restricts their experience and your business's potential. 


Kyle Bargo

Founder & CEO

Kyle is currently working at UPMC in IT and saw the potential for the app when he recognized the opportunity to help students.

Bruno Rosa

Head of Marketing

Bruno is currently working at UPMC as a software engineer and joined Kyle on the design and development of the application.

Dallas Huff

Head of Advertising

Dallas, currently a Juniata student realized that there was a problem with buying and trying to sell textbooks. He is responsible for advertising and the brand.


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Juniata College

1700 Moore Street

Huntington, PA 16652


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